Job Title: Sales Associate

We’re looking for new talented individuals to join our growing team here at ITEM LOOKBOOK Vancouver / Toronto / Richmond. We are now hiring for both Part-time and Full-time Sales Associate positions for our ITEM LOOKBOOK Vancouver / Toronto / Richmond. Sales associates will be responsible for facilitating the completion of day-to-day operations in store at ITEM. Tasks will vary depending on where assistance is needed most. You will be expected to aid in all areas including customer service, stock management and organization, and general in-store maintenance. You will work with other staff to ensure ITEM continues to perform and serve at its optimal level delivering the highest quality retail experience.


Become familiarized with day-to-day operationsHandlingin store customer service and care to deliver quality shop experienceFulfilling and handling online orders and salesAssisting in opening and closing dutiesCreating and organizing in-store displaysOrganization and inventory management of new product shipments assisting with photography, E-commerce, and WeChat, Instagram.

Qualifications and Assets:

Excellent communication skills
Previous experience in retail and customer service an asset
Familiarity with products and brands carried at ITEM



Flexible schedule
Interpersonal and communications skills
Strong organizational skills
Currently working toward or completedpost secondary education an asset.
Experience and familiarityin Design, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator etc is a strong and valuable asset.

Contact method:

Please send all resumes and cover letter . Only applicants that are selected will be contacted.

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