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ITEM Lookbook was founded in Vancouver in 2015.  We are dedicated to exploring experimental niche designer brands with a popular potential which is based on the Asian culture. It becomes a great advance that we have more design-inspired items with a more acceptable price, which makes ITEM lookbook is popular among young people in Canada. In 2017, the company—ITEM Lab of ITEM Lookbook set up an independent line to design and produce women's clothing on the background of the Asian fashion. Women's clothing of The ITEM lookbook with superior quality and simple style, which has enriched the dressing style for urban women. Since the ITEM lookbook started, we have been dedicated to promoting Asian street culture, music, and art in North America. ITEM lookbook hopes to bring the more unique design of Asia to the world stage. 

ITEM Lookbook于2015年在温哥华成立。ITEM lookbook 以亚洲文化为背景,致力于发掘具有流行趋势、实验性较强的小众设计师品牌。以大众的价格探索更有设计感的单品让ITEM深受加拿大年轻群体的追捧。
自创立以来ITEM look book致力于在北美地区宣传亚洲街头文化、音乐与艺术。希望将亚洲独特新颖的设计展现在世界的舞台。
在2017年,ITEM Lookbook旗下的设计生产公司ITEM Lab以亚洲流行趋势为背景,创立了独立设计生产的女装产品线。ITEM lookbook女装质量上乘,风格简约,丰富了城市女性的着装风格。



Downtown, Vancouver

534 Seymour St.

Vancouver / BC / V6B 3J5



Yorkville, Toronto

120 Cumberland St

Toronto / ON / M5R 1A6



Richmond, Vancouver

2155-4000 No.3 Road

Richmond / BC / V6X 0J8



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